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"Bounty" - When a former Army Sergeant responsible for hunting down high-value targets is found dead, the NCIS team searches for terrorist leaders suspected of his murder. Meanwhile, Deeks bonds with a person of interest in the case, making him more determined than ever to track down the killers.

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"Identity" Newly located in a Los Angeles mission, the NCIS Office of Special Projects (OSP) welcomes Callen back to the team and races to solve a kidnapping case.
DEEKS: I realize that this is the point in the conversation when I say something profound and life-affirming, so I actually...came prepared.
[He clears his throat and reads a paper he’s just pulled out]
DEEKS: Everything is gonna be fine.
[He turns over the paper]
DEEKS: That's...
KENSI: That's it?
DEEKS: Seemed longer when I was writing it. Probably sounds better, like, in Latin. It's more profound if I say it...